Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The following story appears courtesy of the SunHerald. The above photo I took - of Skip himself holding the glasses he threw away - did not appear in the paper because of an "electronic screw up," hence why I wanted to post it here.
PASS CHRISTIAN, Miss. - Horace "Skip" Brown woke up early on Aug. 29 to fry some eggs for himself and Ubu, his dog. He said he never considered leaving his home behind the police station in Pass Christian to flee Hurricane Katrina because he had worked hard on his land and he loved it.
By 8 a.m., Ubu, his light-brown, long-haired mutt, started barking wildly and water began bubbling up through the floor of his home.
By 8:30 a.m., the 55-year-old lifelong resident of the Pass said he was floating parallel to the ceiling of his kitchen and his dog was frantically swimming next to him.
A fire extinguisher floated by and he grabbed it. He managed to punch a small hole in the roof of his kitchen and shove Ubu through.
Brown, a handyman, janitor, gardener and anything else he needs to be, has bad eyes and wears thick glasses. He said he took off his glasses and tossed them through the hole.
"I didn't want to see myself die," Brown said.
Water got into his mouth, and Skip said he was about to let himself go.
Then he opened his eyes for what he thought would be the last time.
"I looked up and I seen that light and the dog was looking at me and I said, `Shoot, if that dog can make it through that hole, I can,'" Brown said.
He got through and floated away with Ubu and the rest of his house. The house stopped floating when it wedged between a pair of trees. Skip and Ubu were able to climb out of the wreckage when the waters receded.
These days, man and dog live on the second floor of St. Paul's School in Pass Christian.
Brown spends his days fishing off a pier nearby and digging through the wreckage for keepsakes, clothes and cleaning products to keep the school clean.
Besides losing his house, Skip lost a Pass Christian landmark of sorts.
"Man, he had a beautiful garden," said Skip's brother Ronnie, who was bunking down on a porch in a trailer park because his home was destroyed, too. "He must have spent $10,000 on that thing. People would come to take pictures in it and everything."

All photos on this blog (save the one of the photographer himself) by Josh Norman


Anonymous SSprite said...

This story has truly reminded me of the power of faith. I am glad to hear about wonderful survival stories.

I have a few extra sets of reading glasses and his loss made me realize that many others like him have probally lost their glasses too. I will package up my extras along with some large lady clothes I have, and send them out this weekend.

Keep writing! All our thoughts are with you.

2:44 PM  
Blogger Amber said...

dude you rock. keep on informing us of all that the news dosent show. you rule for allowing truth and hope to shine through the specks of lies and doubt that cloud our day. =) keep on letting your light shine, lord knows that we all need it.

3:11 PM  
Blogger Rodolfo said...

I have reading your blogg from a far country in south america. I would like read every morning because I can have another kind information of the tragic notice. Thanks very much and follow written every day and give us more photos to see the human magnitud of the tragic.
From Chile

3:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is a grim reminder that our power is like a drop of water in the vast ocean.. US considered himself superpower.. engaging war, firing weapons from country to anoher. Now here comes God.. He just blew a little of his air and the proud americans submerge into the water.. Let us all humble ourselves.

6:44 PM  
Blogger cleverabuse said...

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11:30 PM  
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Blogger Corinna Hasofferett said...

Thanks from Tel-Aviv, Israel.
Most touching.

10:19 AM  
Blogger AllyMc said...

Thanks, I live in Louisiana and all the news shows are the bad stories and mad citizens when it really is not like that. And each of these wonderful stories of survival remind us of the good in even the worst of situations. They give us hope and encouragement.

8:54 AM  
Blogger Kev & Jodi said...

Congratulations to Skip for using his time constructively to help out by cleaning and maintaining a school which would most likely otherwise be forgotten, and left to the mould.

12:05 PM  
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