Saturday, March 18, 2006

And I conclude with these guys, who I simply cannot explain. Anyone having any clue as to who they might be and what those automobiles/go carts are that they're driving, is invited to comment.
This photo by Joshua Norman


Anonymous masha said...

They're Shriners. (Think Shriner Burn Hospitals.) Here in the midwest, you see them in parades all the time. Mini Indy cars, tiny motor scooters, little dune buggies...I don't know why all the stuff they drive seems to be little. They seem to enjoy themselves, though.

7:14 PM  
Anonymous rachel l. said...

I keep seeing rural parades with old men on tiny vehicles. Thank you, Masha, for clearing up what was once an ongoing mystery for me.

7:27 PM  
Blogger janjanmom said...

Shriners are awesomely charitable...they raise money so the hospitals are free if you can't should do a feature article on them. Their slogan is "No mans stands as tall as one who stoops to help a child."

9:05 PM  
Blogger The Fergoosons said...

This picture makes me laugh because when I first moved to Kansas, the shriners would drive through parades on tiny little machines with their knees at their chins called "wheat whackers", I thought it was the wierdest thing I had ever seen, not knowing that they were small versions of Wheat Combines (harvestors), and not knowing what they were, my husbands family threw me in the car and we drove until we found a working combine to show me what it was...They are a very big part of life in the Midwest...just a dumb California girl!!! lol Since then I have found out that Shriners are not just a party looking for a place to happen, they really do a lot for sick children!!

6:23 AM  
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