Thursday, September 29, 2005

This is a VP from DuPont company whom I accompanied on a tour today through Pass Christian and Long Beach. We also stopped briefly on the western edge of Gulfport on Hwy 90. His face, if you can see it here, is perfect for me. It's pure disbelief and borderline frustration from having no idea what to think about it. On this tour, I saw the last bit of Hwy 90 I had not seen. I have now seen every inch of the beach in Harrison County. I have to say it never ceases to amaze me. I'm not as sad as I once was, but the shock never goes away. The Long Beach Fire Chief says the same thing. When you drive along and see mile after mile of rubble, you keep grabbing for a frame of reference.
"Was that White Harbor Road?"
"Was the old Ramada Inn there?"
"Was that Boggsdale?"
And you often can't know. In those few moments where you do figure it out, the force of the storm hits you again, all those moons later.